K 720 Door Closer for Doors up to 45 kg Installed
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K 720 Door Closer for Doors up to 45 kg Installed

K 720 Door Closer

Straight no Frills Installation

Household doors, office doors, wooden doors, aluminium doors, steel doors, (steel gates on qoutation only)  fire doors etc.

Excludes adaptor plates and any other alterations to accomodate the door closer installation this will be qouted seperatly

Installs on both right and left side.

    Two independent closing speed adjustable valves.
    Three types of applications (Universal), standard,parallel,and top jamb
    Rack and pinion mechanism contained in a high tensile precision cast aluminum housing assures the highest quality
    Door Opening angle : 180 degrees
    Guarantee : 5 year
    Color : Aluminum

Model number & dimensions W x H of door Weight of door

K 720 :204 x 46.8 x 65.8mm 800 x 2100mm 25-45 kg

Door closer weight

K 720 1.5kg

Dimension of packaging box

27 x 9 x 7 cm

Best value for money hydraulic door closer in South Africa

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